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“You are very selfless when shooting. Instead of taking photos for yourself, you take them for the athletes to enjoy which is truly incredible and makes your photos that much more special. We can’t thank you enough for all you do.” -Nick Hoeflinger, soccer


“I love how you come to sporting events to shoot without even being asked. I was beyond excited when I saw the pictures because no one expected to have professional pictures taken. Great quality and pictures!” -Carson Fonner, stunt

“You take some of the best action shots I’ve seen! They really look professional and high quality. Plus, we can tell how much you love doing it and it’s awesome. We really appreciate you, the support and the pictures you take!” -Cole Johnson, soccer


“Really appreciate all the time you spend down on the soccer field. Made some great shots in very special moments for us we will always remember thanks to your photos at the right time and place. Looking forward to some more pictures!” -Cedric Lamar, soccer


“You always get the best action shots of my team at games and performances!” -Micaela Carroll


“You captured the fluidity and motion of basketball really well not many can do that.” -Robin Thompson, basketball


“I feel like you are always in the right place at the right time! Thank you so much!” -Casey Teson, basketball


“I like how committed and dedicated you are towards your work. Thanks for the photos.” -Muhammed Sanyang, soccer


“I like what you do for Maryville athletes. The photos are great for memories!” -Mirza Hasecic 


“You truly do an excellent job of taking pictures for all sports teams. The photos are perfect.” -JD Sohn, soccer


“We don’t get a lot of action shots at games! And you did some amazing shots!” -Madalaina Hlava, stunt


“You got the coolest shots! You also came and helped us last minute which was so awesome.” -Maddie Quigs, stunt

“Quality photos, and great in action shots.” -Zulfikar Karimi, soccer


“I think your pics are great. So much quality, but overall is your willingness to be there supporting us even if it’s raining or really cold. But the most important is that you do it because you love it not because you have to. I really appreciate all your work. Thank you very much.” -Diego Coy, soccer


“Thank you for being there every single game, first of all supporting us and taking amazing pictures along the way. You were one of the people who made the year I spent there even better. Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!” -Marko Pantovic, basketball


“So grateful for your hard work and dedication to shooting to Maryville sports teams! The pictures are fantastic quality and capture moments perfectly. Your shooting allows us to hold onto precious memories!” -Iwan Webster, soccer

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